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  • Salts, Indicators, Strong vs Weak, Net Ionic Equation | High School

    Lab: Hydrolysis of Salts

    In this lab, students will observe the hydrolysis of several salt samples. They will first predict which solutions are acidic, basic or neutral, and then discover the pH of each through the use of indicators. Students will share and compile their experimental results, as well as have an opportunity to determine the net-ionic equations for each reaction.

  • Salts, Equilibrium Constants, Strong vs Weak | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lesson Plan: Categorizing, Calculating and Applying Concepts from Weak Acids, Weak Bases and Salts

    In this lesson students will write dissociation reactions to make connections between conjugate acid-base pairs. They will use beaker diagrams in a cooperative group activity to better understand why the pH calculation for a weak acid/base is not the same for a strong acid/base. Finally, students will apply these concepts in a lab in which they will identify several unknown, clear, colorless solutions using factors such as pH, conductivity and reactivity. The activities in this lesson can be used in sequence or as standalone activities.

  • Titrations, Equivalence point, Indicators, Acid Base Reactions, Chemical Change, Salts, Molarity, Reaction Rate, Order of Reaction , Error analysis | High School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Titration Lab with Kinetics

    In this lab, students calculate the molarity of an unknown using a titration and also by solving for a dilution.

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