Science Coaches

Science Coaches is a joint American Chemical Society (ACS) and AACT educational outreach initiative dedicated to enhancing science skills in students across the United States. The program pairs chemists (coaches) with AACT teacher members in elementary, middle, and high schools. Teachers accepted into the program will have the opportunity to form a valuable relationship with a coach.

Science Coaches

A coach and an AACT teacher member partner together for one school year. The coach and teacher may apply together or may apply individually and be matched with someone who is geographically nearby (when possible). Teachers and coaches are required to meet at least six times during the school year. Through their participation in Science Coaches the teacher’s school will receive a $500 donation (check) from the American Chemical Society or the teacher will receive a $550 gift certificate from Flinn Scientific to enhance science education.

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What does a science coach do?

Often, the coaches work with the teachers on the following activities (but it’s up to you, feel free to be creative!):

    • Answer content questions from teachers and students
    • Help to plan and conduct lessons, demos, and experiments
    • Give guest lectures or presentations about their job or research
    • Organize and clean stockrooms and labs
    • Organize a virtual field trip/lab tour

Can retired chemists or college professors apply to be coaches?

Absolutely! Retired chemists or college professors are encouraged to apply to be coaches.

I used to work in industry, but now I am a chemistry teacher. Can I apply to be a coach?

Current chemistry teachers cannot be coaches for other teachers, but if you retire or move back into industry, you are welcome to apply to be a coach at that time.


  • Coaches and AACT teacher members must reside in the United States.
  • Coach-AACT teacher member partners may not be married to one another or share finances.
  • A current K-12 teacher cannot serve as a coach for another teacher. However, a retired or former teacher may serve as a coach.

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