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  • Can a Vaccine End the Pandemic?

    Vaccines have helped save countless lives since they were first developed more than 200 years ago. The search is on for a new vaccine to fight COVID-19.

    Issue Date | December 2020

  • Extreme Adventures and Saving the Planet

    Laura Hoch’s career began with a murder. Well, not a real murder—a murder-mystery game staged by her high school chemistry teachers in central Pennsylvania.

    Issue Date | December 2020

  • "Follow the Carbon." Follow the What?

    Testing copyright—symbol in the article—summary ©. C02 Testing the
    break tag.

    Issue Date | December 2020

  • How to Raise A Jellyfish

    A high school student in upstate New York learns about marine chemistry by raising jellyfish in the classroom! Find out how her project connects to climate change.

    Issue Date | December 2020

  • Mirror Reflections

    Mirrors have been around for thousands of years in one form or another, reflecting not only our own image, but also how our knowledge and beliefs change over time.

    Issue Date | December 2020

  • The Chemistry of Convenience

    Many modern products are geared toward making life easier. But scientists have found that creating these conveniences with “forever chemicals” sometimes leads to harmful side effects.

    Issue Date | December 2020

  • Access is an AACT member benefit. Chemistry Takes to the Skies

    In the digital age, can skywriting make a comeback?

    Issue Date | February 2020

  • Chernobyl's Legacy

    The Chernobyl disaster serves as a tragic reminder of the risks of nuclear energy. Examining what went wrong has made nuclear power safer, while other issues are factoring heavily into the industry’s future.

    Issue Date | February 2020

  • Access is an AACT member benefit. The Secret Life of Gold

    Valued for its beauty and functionality, gold both adorns art and serves as an electrical conductor in cellphones. New research tells us about this marvelous metal’s cosmic origins.

    Issue Date | October 2019

  • Access is an AACT member benefit. Why Paper Thrives in a Digital World

    Even as e-textbooks and email replace some of their hard-copy counterparts, paper in its physical form is still everywhere. You can find it in nearly every room in the house, in your school, and where you work and play.

    Issue Date | April 2019

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