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  • Precipitate, Chemistry Basics, Reactions & Stoichiometry, Solubility Rules, Balancing Equations, Chemical Change, Chemical Change | High School, Middle School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lab: Predicting Precipitates

    In this lab, students use solubility rules to predict which chemical reactions will produce precipitates.

  • Chemical Change, Acid & Base Theories, Indicators, Solubility Rules, Gas Laws, Pressure | Middle School

    Access is an AACT member benefit. Lesson Plan: Chemistry of Pop Rocks

    In this lesson, students will determine the pH of several liquids with litmus paper or a pH probe. Next, students will explore how pH affects the production of gas with Pop Rocks. Students will also investigate how Charles’ Law affects Pop Rocks. Finally, students will design their own experiment with Pop Rocks.

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Subtopics: Solubility Rules

Grade Level: Middle School

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